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Earl N. Roden D.D.S.


“It is important to know you have an expert to count on for implant restorations. Raf and Intaglio Dental Laboratory Inc. is the best Implant Dental Lab. Case handling is topnotch with careful attention to detail. I have never had a case that was delivered late and if I need a case  "rushed" more often than not, Intaglio comes through. I highly recommend Intaglio Dental Laboratory Incorporated as the Implant Laboratory of choice!"

Dr. Jeff Cheung, DDS


"Hi Raf.  I wanted to send you the picture of the custom veneer #8. The pictures do not do it justice, but the patient and mother loved it (and me of course!).


Great job w/ the anatomy and hyper calcifications too (even though it doesn't show as well in the pictures).


Interproximal contacts were perfect as was the occlusion. No adjustments at all!


Thanks again Raf!"

Dr. Alfred Roseroot, DDS


Raf is the most talented lab technician I've ever had the pleasure of working with! My case deliveries are a dream.

Dr. Joy V. Poskozim, DDS


I had TWO labs try what only Raf could do for a patient who couldn't have crown lengthening. On #9. Matching veneers. PERFECTLY. Why didn't I go to him first?


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